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Learn to Fly Light Sport Aircaft in Wisconsin

Light sport aircraft flight training in Waupaca, East Troy, Manitowoc and Oshkosh and the inspiring reasons to learn to fly. Find a Light sport aircraft flight school in Wisconsin and become a sport pilot today. Support Wisconsin LSA flight schools by clicking on the google +1 button above. Once you've registered a click you can mouse over the button and share the link via email or google circles. Google Your Journey Through Flight

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Be an ambassador, spread the joy of flight training and aviation. Share to inspire a new pilot and save an airfield.

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WebsiteFind UsPalmer West Airfield, 11440 Harlin Drive, Norland

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(000) 999 - 9999

Morningside Park, 75049

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Plane Guys Aviation LLC

(715) 460-0760

Waupaca, WI

East Troy Aviation, Inc.

(262) 642-2755

East Troy, WI

Lakeshore Aviation

(920) 682-0043

Manitowoc, WI

Orion Flight Services

(920) 424-8090

Oshkosh, WI

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